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Susan Sipay, MD

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Urgent vs. Emergency

You will always see a board-certified physician at Urgent Care of Colorado.

Life happens. A skinned knee or a common cold can be treated at home or with over-the-counter medicines.
Any threat to life, limb or eye sight should go to the emergency department of a hospital.

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  • January, 2017 If all treatment could be as relaxing and competent as Urgent Care of Colorado nobody would ever complain about going to the doctor again. Thank you Dr. Sipay, Maricela, Joe and Cody.

  • December, 2016
    Excellent... but had to wait. My son had a rash which we were going to the doctor that afternoon about but felt that it should have urgent attention in case it worsened. So we arrived around 10.40 one morning and the waiting room had one person ahead of us. The counter staff were courteous and more than helpful and were able to check and confirm that they took our insurance and that we had no co-pay to take care of. That in itself was impressive so that we were weren't charged and had to seek a credit from our insurers. So, great service and attention at checking. Then we had to wait 30 minutes before we were taken into a room and had a nurse take my son's vitals and discuss health history. She was attentive, efficient and wrote her notes based on our discussion. Then we had to wait another 30 mins until the doctor came in. We found outthat she was the only doctor on duty that day and she apologized for the wait. She was kind with my son and went through her diagnosis based on her examination and our discussion. She wrote a note for school and gave us a prescription for what she believed to be a food-bourne allergic reaction. So, all in all, a great experience, if a little lengthy. As I'm reading all the other reviews for this place, I guess it may well be down to the time of day, day of the week, how busy they are and the doctor you get. I know it's called 'Urgent Care' but, come on people, don't expect to be in and out in 10 minutes! And they're doing their best. Don't be an a**hole and let them do their jobs!

    November, 2016
    Just left Dr. Cooper and his staff of great professionals. I had a fish hook deep in my pinkie and needed help. Dr. Cooper was able to remove the hook with minimal pain! I think the tetanus shot will hurt more than my pinkie. Not sure why the negative reviews because this is a great place.

  • Yelp Reviews Read... January, 2016, I had a bad cut on my hand requiring 6 stitches. Recently I had read that the small "emergency room" visits - including stitches - can amount to $2000 or more out of pocket on high deductible insurance plans. My brother recommended Urgent Care of Colorado am I am so happy I went there for treatment yesterday. From paperwork to treatment - less than 30 minutes, kind and capable people. Dr. Sipay was just fantastic - good bedside manner, sense of humor, couldn't have been nicer. If you are in Littleton, I would highly recommend. them. My required payment, btw, was $100.

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Susan Sipay, MD

Susan Sipay, MD

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William Cooper, MD

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